About Us

Mazal Pros provides a wide selection of shtick (party supplies) for rental or purchase in Israel to make your next big simcha (happy occasion) an unforgettable one.


What is Shtick Anyways?!

what-is-shtickShtick can be anything to enhance your simcha experience from crazy costumes to rainbow arches to funky glasses for the kids, we got it! Shtick simply makes the simcha super fun and an overall incredible experience for everyone.

Shtick, a Yiddish (language that is a combination of Hebrew and German) word, is closely related to the German word stücke which means “piece”. In general, shtick is not just physical objects, but can also be comic performances or a fire show, anything that is intended to put on a smile for the guests of honor.


 How do I order?

It’s easy! We offer both rentals and items for purchase. Pick and choose single items or select one of our pre-made packages and add to your cart. You can then checkout and pay either through Paypal with your credit card or pay at pickup.

For inquiries, e-mail orders@mazalpros.com or click here to fill out a contact form.


If you’re ordering for rent, we request that you pick up the shtick the day before the simcha and return it the day after. (If the simcha falls on a Thursday, we request to please return the shtick by Sunday).

*Pick up & drop off: HaShaked 4 Givat Shmuel

Please note, we encourage all orders be placed a month in advance of the simcha.


Click here to read our policies for our services and items.

gilaAbout Gila

Living in Israel, weddings are a frequent occasion for all. But for Gila, even more so. Gila is a familiar face at every occasion and over the years has been the friend everyone counts on to bring the shtick. Crazy costumes and parachutes provided at every wedding, friends soon began to approach her encouraging her to start her own shtick business. And here it is in the flesh, Mazal Pros.   

“Being invited to an event for me means that you’re meant to make the guests of honor feel like super stars.”